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The Benefits of Exceptional Service & Affordable Rates on Group Health Insurance For Small Businesses Through Wenrick Insurance Agency 

As a small business owner in Flordia, you know how important it is to keep your employees happy and healthy. Unfortunately, daily tasks are often so demanding that you do not have the time to make sure your employees are getting the best health insurance benefits possible. Wenrick Insurance Agency takes the hassle out of managing the company health insurance policy from start to finish.

By working with a local Destin small business health insurance agency like Wenrick Insurance, your employees receive the personal hands-on help they need to successfully manage their health insurance benefits. And you get a chance to take care of what really matters, your business. At Wenrick Insurance, we do the legwork and shopping around until we find an affordable policy perfectly fitting to the needs of your team. We also become the point of contact for any questions your employees may have about their coverage. Even before calling the insurance carrier, they can call Wenrick Insurance to better understand their health plan and learn how to utilize it for optimal benefits. In the long run, small business health insurance can be beneficial for your business by:

  • Reducing costs and enhancing your company’s competitive edge
  • Experiencing greater retention of your best people
  • Attracting and retaining high-quality employees
  • Reducing hiring and training costs
  • Improving workflow for business owners and HR representatives

Does my Business Qualify for Small Business Health Insurance?

All small businesses with 4 to 50 employees are eligible for small business health insurance. No matter what industry your business represents, Wenrick Insurance can provide you with a quality health insurance plan. Our agency proudly provides health insurance solutions for:

  • Lawyers & Law Firms
  • Accountants, CPAs, & Bankers
  • Service Industry Workers Such as Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians, Home Repairmen, & Receptionists
  • Construction Workers, Gardeners, & Maintenance Men
  • Chiropractor, Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Professionals & Other in The Healthcare Field Sector
  • And Many Other Industries

Wenrick Insurance Agency covers all industries, with every type of business health insurance, to help keep you and your employees protected from a wide range of incidents. From fires and hurricanes to cyber-attacks and employee accidents, we’ve got you covered!


Offering a Variety of Health Plan Options Throughout Florida

No matter what type of health insurance your business needs, Wenrick Insurance can find you the most appropriate plan at an affordable price. Before you purchase or renew your business's group health insurance, call Wenrick Insurance to assess your employee’s health insurance needs. We can help you plan their policy, with coverages including:

  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Long Term Disability
  • Group Short Term Disability
  • Group Long Term Care

Self-Funded Healthcare Plans For Small Businesses in Florida

Large companies commonly use self-funding to control benefit costs. Now, small businesses can also take advantage of self-funding with self-funded healthcare plans for small businesses. These self-funded health plans are similar to the healthcare plans offered by larger companies. Monthly payments are made based on the health trends of your employees. When healthcare costs are lower than expected, your small business gets back a percentage of the premium funds. If healthcare costs are higher than anticipated, your business is protected with stop-loss insurance. Self-funded healthcare plans are generally not subject to state mandates, saving you additional money that would be spent on taxes and fees.

What Are The Benefits of self-funded Health Plans?

The benefits of a self-funded health plan may include:

  • Save on taxes & fees
  • Enjoy more flexible benefit designs
  • Streamline workflow with healthcare tracking and reporting
  • Financial protection
  • Opportunity to get money back

As the owner of a small business in Florida, you could save up to 25% on the upfront cost of premiums for healthcare plans. Traditional plans charge small businesses a fixed premium, but self-funded plans are underwritten with premiums based on the estimated health care claims of your employees. If healthcare costs are less than estimated, you get a percentage of the surplus. With the opportunity to get premium money back with the surplus sharing benefit, long-term savings are also possible.

Self-Funded Healthcare Plans Through Wenrick Insurance Agency

Wenrick Insurance Agency can help you find the right self-funded health plan for your small business at an affordable cost. For the health of your employees and the health of your business's bottom line, talk to Wenrick Insurance about a self-funded health plan by calling (850)585-7716 or by filling out the quote form on this page.

For more information, view the brochures on self-funded plans by Aetna and UnitedHealthcare below.

Your employees are your greatest investment. And health insurance is a critical factor in retaining and recruiting employees for your small business, as well as maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction!

For a Free Quote on Small Business Health Insurance Call Wenrick Insurance Agency

Our health insurance plans can help you save money on health care costs and keep your employees informed, healthy, and happy. Healthier employees mean a healthier bottom line for employers. Our plans are also easy and efficient to manage, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

If you are ready to start a relationship with a group health insurance agency that offers exceptional service and affordable rates, contact Wenrick Insurance Agency at (850) 585-7716. Or for a free quote online, please, fill out the quote form on this page. If you represent a small business with 1-50 employees and are looking for a health insurance plan to add to employee benefits, don't settle working with an agent that only offers coverage. Wenrick Insurance Agency not only offers quality small business health insurance plans but also affordable rates, exceptional service, and dedicated assistance for employees and employers in best-utilizing benefits. Wenrick Insurance Agency is the all-in-one solution for small business group health insurance in Florida and beyond. We look forward to working with you!

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HealthiestYou: The Global Leader in virtual care

Wenrick Insurance Agency is here to help you safeguard what truly matters, the health of you and your loved ones. That is why we highly recommend HealthiestYou to all small business owners and HR representatives. HealthiestYou is an innovative solution that puts the consumer at the center of their healthcare. By adding the employee benefit of an app-based, cyber-healthcare program like HealthiestYou, you can help your small business retain employees.

HealthiestYou is the most affordable cyber health coverage. If anyone in your family is sick and in need of a doctor, the full remedy is a phone call away. This healthcare plan also covers employees and their families! Fast, easy, and affordable, HealthiestYou can help you cut the cost of your companies group health insurance policy, saving your employees and yourself a ton of money. A successful business is built with happy, healthy employees. Your key to a successful business is HealthiestYou through Wenrick Insurance Agency.

HealthiestYou Provides a New Kind of Connected Healthcare, One With Superior Convenience, Quality, and Value

HealthiestYou is now part of Teladoc, the largest, most trusted provider of virtual healthcare delivery in the world, and costs each person and their family as little as $9.00 per month. HealthiestYou is changing the way people access healthcare, allowing business owners and HR reps to reduce the costs of health plans, redirect claims and improve care.

If one of your employees is sick, they can call HealthiestYou anytime, anywhere. This gives them access to a physician network that can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication, with a co-pay that beats all, costing a total of $0.00. HealthiestYou, telemedicine, puts healthcare in the palm of your hand and keeps it there, providing cost transparency, provider discovery, insurance connectivity, and prescription savings.

Benefits of Teledoc Health Care For Your Small Business in Florida

HealthiestYou is sold exclusively through a network of experienced insurance agents and agencies, like Wenrick Insurance, looking to introduce to their small business owner clients a claim-changing product that can restructure an aging or costly group health plan. HealthiestYou makes health care a whole lot easier!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone or via the mobile app HealthiestYou can provide:

How Much Can HealthiestYou Save Me?

HealthiestYou allows you to connect with a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to diagnose, treat and prescribe for FREE. There is no co-pay, simply a small monthly fee of as little as $9.

HealthiestYou Saves You Money: Top 5 Reasons People Visit the ER or Urgent Care:

Bronchitis Cost at ER: $795 Cost at UC: $123 HY: $0 (FREE)
Sinusitis Cost at ER: $617 Cost at UC: $105 HY: $0 (FREE)
Earache Cost at ER: $400 Cost at UC: $110 HY: $0 (FREE)
UTI Cost at ER: $940 Cost at UC: $108 HY: $0 (FREE)

Small business health insurance blog

Check our blog "Small Business Health Insurance" to learn more!

Contact Wenrick Insurance Agency For HealthiestYou Teledoc Virtual Care For Your Small Business In Florida

Business owners in Miramar, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, De Funiak Springs, Panama City Beach, Florida, or surrounding counties, like Walton, Okaloosa, Bay, Santa Rosa, and Escambia, can call Wenrick Insurance Agency to make their healthcare a whole lot easier with HealthiestYou. Each employee only pays $9 per month, giving them and their families access to a doctor on the phone or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year!

Using HealthiestYou can save your business and employees a lot of money and makes sitting around in the doctor's waiting rooms a thing of the past! To apply for or learn more about HealthiestYou, contact Wenrick Insurance Agency at (850) 585-7716. Or online by filling out the contact form on this page.

Wenrick Insurance Agency wants the HealthiestYou!

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